Rev. Esther Sabey

Hi there!! I joined the Hope Presbyterian Church family in January 2019. I am married to Kesh Sabey and we have 3 children Levi, Aria and Micah.
After I completed my studies at Laidlaw, my husband and I lived in Geraldine, South Canterbury where he taught at the local high school. It was here that we ‘became’ Presbyterian by joining St Andrew’s Church. During the next 8 years, I was the primary carer for our 3 children and involved in youth work, women’s ministry and music for worship.
In 2013 I was ordained as an elder. Leading up to that time, I had felt an increased prompting to explore training for ministry within the national Presbyterian Church, which I completed at the end of 2018. I am passionate about helping to facilitate intentional environments for worship; for people to connect in meaningful ways with God and with each other. I also long to see people mature in their faith by discovering revelations of Truth that will set them free, in both personal experiences and by exploring questions of life. Other loves of mine include quality time with my amazing family; food & hospitality (especially the hot and spicy kind!) treasure hunting in op shops; writing songs; reading pretty much anything; and laughing with friends.