Nice to Meet You!

“Summer Series 2022”

In our summer series for 2022 we want to introduce you to a few special characters in the Bible: Jonah, Gideon and Benaiah.

You may have meet them before, but it might have been some time ago, or you are meeting them for the first time. Well, we are excited to introduce them to you as we work through our series “Nice to Meet You”.

This series will run over the 2nd, 9th and 16th January and will cover 3 things: 

  1. Stop Hiding 
  1. Step Forward 
  1. Silence the Roar.  

Join with us as we work through this summer series together.  


Dangerous Prayers

“3 Weeks of Prayer 2022”

This year for our 3 Weeks of Prayer, we want to look at the ‘Dangerous Prayers’.  The kind of prayers that challenge us, that cause us to take a good hard look at our hearts, and ultimately the kind of prayers that drive us to pursue the calling God has for each one of us.  

Join us as we discover how to listen attentively, align our heart to Gods and pray with boldness!  

This three-week series will look at…    

23rd January : Dangerous prayer #1: “Speak To Me”  

30th January : Dangerous prayer #2: “Break My Heart” 

6th February : Dangerous prayer #3: “Make Me Bold”