Enter the Land

“Get Stuck In”

Our mission theme as a church for 2021 is ‘Enter the Land.’ This theme relates to God’s people stepping into the promised land, under the leadership of Joshua. It was a step of obedience and faith that was 400 years in the making.

As a church we believe ‘Entering the Land’ is a picture and a metaphor of the Kingdom of God advancing and the light of Jesus impacting our lives, and the communities around us. We believe this also signals an intentional shift to move into what God has been preparing Hope Presbyterian for. It implies we are moving forward and stepping out in obedience, with trust, confidence and in the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.

Already this year, we have begun the ‘Enter the Land’ series with our first mini-series called ‘Back to Basics’. During these 4 weeks we have been reminded that before God’s people took that step into the Promised land, there were basic foundations that needed to be in place for them to flourish as a people. They were ‘Love God, Love people, Big God and Personal God.’ We hope and pray that you have been inspired and encouraged through this first mini- series.

The second mini-series called “Take a Step” picked up the story of Joshua and the Israelites as they prepare to cross the Jordan river. That movement would signify a ‘stepping out’ of one season and ‘stepping into’ another. They stepped out of season of wilderness wanderings and stepped into a season of inheritance and living in the Promise.

The title chosen for the third miniseries is “Get Stuck In” and brings to mind common sayings that capture the idea of real work beginning after a major victory. You possibly have heard about the idea that marriage is one of the few institutions where one is given a certificate before the real task of relationship building starts. Similarly, in the world of parenting, the long windy road of raising children begins once the bundle of joy arrives home! From marriage to parenting, sports to academia, huge victories bring celebration as well as the sober reminder of future responsibility.

Joshua has just led the nation through an astounding miracle of crossing the dry river bed of the Jordan River. Their hearts were full and everyone in the camp was raving about the miracle. Regaling the crossing from all angles, each in turn waited for a chance to share their Jordan experience. Everyone was fully assured of God’s presence with Isarel. Yet the actual task of stepping into the Promised Land was about to get real and gritty as they confronted formidable nations and armies.

In this series we will explore what it looked like for Israel to trust God in the face of insurmountable opposition. We will observe how they responded to challenges within their own camp and how God manifested His presence to them. We will see Joshua rose to become the leader who God prepared for His people.

We pray God’s richest blessing on you as you join us in this third series. May we all be challenged and inspired again to take that step into all that God has promised us as individuals and as a church.

Series Content

Sunday 25th April: Renew Your Commitment

Sunday 2nd May: Commander of the Lord – Obedience

Sunday 9th May: Hope Worldwide

Sunday 16th May: Hope Worldwide

Sunday 23rd May: Rolling Up Your Sleeves – Jericho

Sunday 30th May: Set Backs – Causes and Cures

Sunday 6th June: Ruse of the Enemy

Sunday 13th June: Sun Stand Still

Sunday 20th June: Taking Hold of Possession