Pursuit of Holiness

“The Sermon on the Mount”

Our 2021 Mission Plan had a theme of ‘Enter the Land”. It is a picture and a metaphor of the Kingdom of God advancing and the light of Jesus Christ impacting our lives and the communities around us. So, for the first half of 2021 we have been following the Israelites through the book of Joshua as they entered the land and established themselves as God’s people.

However, as the Israelites established themselves in Canaan (the promised land), they came to realise the societies and people groups around them had a different framework for life. Fast forward 1400 years, and as the disciples and apostles established the early church, they too experienced a culture resistant to the Kingdom of God.

As we enter the second half of 2021 as Hope Presbyterian Church, we feel the urgency to push into our theme of “Enter the Land”, and to explore what it means to live out Christian faith in a society whose foundations are also built on frameworks other than God’s and resistant to his Kingdom advancing.

In the book of Matthew Jesus, realizing the need to teach the disciples about how to life a life of dedication to God, begins one of his most famous sermons entitled the Sermon on the Mount. This teaching outlines what it means to live a life following the Lord with the recurring theme of righteousness and holiness littered throughout the teaching. With these things in mind, the proposed preaching series will focus in on Jesus Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 with the overall theme.

Series Content

Sunday 15th August: Introduction: The Pursuit of Holiness

Sunday 22nd August: Vertical Relationship: God

Sunday 29th August: Horizontal Relationship: Others (Giving)

Sunday 5th September: Horizontal Relationship: Others (Receiving)

Sunday 12th September: Role in the World

Sunday 19th September: Internal Response

Sunday 26th September: Marriage

Sunday 3rd October: Singleness

Sunday 10th October: Relationship Breakdown

Sunday 17th October: Giving to the Needy

Sunday 24th October: Prayer and Fasting

Sunday 31st October: What do you treasure?

Sunday 7th November: Anchoring Hearts

Sunday 14th November: Judging: Start with self

Sunday 21st November: Honouring the King