The books, videos and DVD’s in the HOPE Church library are for the benefit of the whole congregation and should be respected as such.


  1. Books to be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time. Limit 3 per person at any one time.
  2. May be renewed for a second period upon application to one of the librarians at their discretion unless it has a reserve request or is recently new to the library.
  3. DVD’s and Videos to be borrowed for 1 week at a time. Limit 2 per family at any one time.
  4. Items borrowed to be recorded in borrowing book with clear record of borrower’s name and contact phone number.
  5. Older books may be located under ‘Back Catalogue’. Can be borrowed through contacting church library email .


  1. Items to be returned by placing through slot in Returns Box, NOT put directly back on shelves
  2. They will then be checked and marked off in the Borrowing Book by one of the librarians, NOT the returner.


  1. The librarians will monitor the dates items are due back and contact the borrowers to remind them when they become overdue.
  2. If the item is not returned within 3 months of being overdue and without satisfactory explanation, the Hope Leadership Team will be notified. This may result in an invoice being sent to the offender to cover replacement cost.
  3. No further borrowing till all overdue items are returned.


  1. Items may be reserved by speaking to one of the librarians and a note will be placed beside the item in the Borrowing Book.
  2. Reserving items/ General enquiries can be made via the church library email .


  1. Donations of good quality Christian books and DVD’s are appreciated but will be put on the shelves at the discretion of the librarians, taking into account condition, space available, content, etc.