Hope Pathways: a 4-step personal invitation to spiritual growth.

This is the beginning of your four step invitation to spiritual growth. Hope Pathways is designed to be your personal journey towards spiritual maturity, taken at your own pace, in your own time frame.

Step One – Find Belonging by finding out more about us at Hope and join with us in our mission to build Hope in this broken world.

Step Two – Know God where we develop an overview of what Christians actually believe about God and how to apply this in your life.

Step Three – Explore Your Design: This is a practical workshop where you will consider your spiritual gifting, personality and past experiences to further equip you in your faith.

Step Four – Discover Purpose is about how you can influence your world through your faith and discover God’s purpose for your life right now.

Each step will involve a class available at different times, at each site.  They will be about an hour long and be a relaxed environment where you can learn, pray and ask questions in a small group setting. You will receive a book to document your journey and keep track of where you are on your journey to spiritual maturity.

We are excited to welcome you to Hope Pathways!