17 November 2020

The Hornby Site Elders met again last week for our monthly meeting. There was a lot on the agenda; most importantly, we were looking at the 2021 Mission Plan and Budget which will be shared at an upcoming service. It was good to be able to spend time together discussing our vision for our church and community. While looking at our mission plan, we all felt it was very important to continue to actively foster community within our own site, and also across all the sites. We are looking forward to developing this more in the future. 

We also welcomed Marty along to the meeting to share his heart for continuing with live-streaming services, and it was good to be able to talk through this a little more, and to discuss various other options of making the most of an online presence, yet keeping our church safe. More prayer and thoughtful discussion is needed around this. We are also beginning to look at the process for new staff members becoming integrated into the church and how we can make this easier for staff and the congregation. 

We as elders are committed to prayer for the church and it’s staff, and we will be meeting more regularly to pray together outside of the regularly scheduled elders’ meetings. We really encourage you also to commit to prayer for our church community and staff. Aside from prayer, another way we can all contribute more to our church community is by strengthening relationships within our congregation. We encourage you to stop and chat after a service, stay around for a cuppa, cross the room and meet someone new, send a text or call someone you haven’t seen in a while, and join in with some of the upcoming social events. Our staff always appreciate encouragement too, so if you felt blessed by a message or a service, let them know, it’s always a blessing to hear good things. 

As always we welcome anyone to come and have a chat or a prayer with us. You may have noticed the (incredibly flattering) picture of our group in the church foyer, so hopefully if you weren’t able to put a face to the name you now can. 

May God bless you this week, 
The Hornby Site Elders

Marleen Rentoul
Louis Himin
Chris Rodwell
Dennis Arthur
Caleb Vercoe
Christy Greenall 
Dennis Flett

Ata Marie Hope Hornby family,  

We just wanted to update you on how your Hornby Site Elders are settling in. We meet the second Monday of every month, and had our second formal meeting last week. Marleen Rentoul has been elected as Chair, with Christy Greenall (officially) and Louis Himin (unofficially) taking up deputy roles, with the view to one of them stepping into the role of chair if/when they feel ready to do so.  

Some of the current issues before the elders are: live streaming of services, exploring the addition of another elder to our site eldership and looking at the current staff induction process and how we can better serve our new and developing staff. We would appreciate your prayers in these areas.   

2020 has been a year of challenges and changes; globally, nationally and in our church. Please pray for our church, our staff and congregation as we navigate these challenging times. In particular, please lift up our wonderful, hardworking staff in prayer. Pray for God’s guidance and protection over them. Pray for their teamwork; their spiritual, emotional and physical health; their families and their marriages. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the day to day, that we forget we are in a spiritual battle. We all have a role to play in prayer for our church family.   

For those not at the last Family Forum, it was decided to have regular family forums each term between the morning services. There was a great turn out having the forum at this time, and regular forums should ensure the half hour time slot is adequate.  

As Hornby elders we are available for questions, to hear ideas and concerns, and to pray with you when needed. Please approach us at any time.   

Blessings, Hornby Eldership.

Marleen Rentoul, Louis Himin, Christy Greenall, Chris Rodwell, Dennis Arthur, Caleb Vercoe