Accidental Leader – the Life of Moses

Are you a leader?  What is leadership anyway?  For most people, the idea of being a leader does not fit.  There is a notion that leaders are the ones who are up front, charismatic, confident and lead churches, companies and organisations.  If you were to stand in a group of people and ask people to put their hands up who saw themselves as a leader – there would be very few do so.  Leadership though is not as lofty and big of deal as we thing – leadership is simply have influence in others lives.  And everyone has influence in others lives!!

In the evening service we are starting a series called ‘Accidental Leader’ where we are looking at the life of Moses who fell into leadership rather than stepped into confidently and boldly.  During this series we’re going to talk about what leadership looks like biblically, what it looked like for Moses and how we can all step more into the leadership for our lives.

Week 1 – Who Am I – Moses is brought up an Egyptian, but is actually a Hebrew.  God uses our experiences no matter how complicated they are, to allow us to step into our leadership gifting.

Week 2 – Into the Desert – Moses it thrust out into the desert where everything is stripped back to basics.  What does it look like when we are separated from all that we know and are have to re-orientate ourselves with a new life to live.  How does this experience help prepare Moses for his next leadership jounrey?

Week 3 – Wake up Call – The famous burning bush experience gives Moses a wakeup call, gives him direction into what God’s calling him to do.  What have been some wake calls in our life that have thrust us into leadership that we weren’t expecting.

Week 4 – Intimidation and Fear – The call to return to Egypt bears down on Moses, it seems a heavy and impossible task.  How do we return to places that used to define us, with a new way of thinking and doing life?  Moses was transformed in the desert and is now returning to his family of origin. 

Week 5 – God’s Provision – As plagues reign down on Egypt, there is clearly divine intervention happening for God’s purposes to be outworked.  Is there divine intervention happening in our lives here in 2021….sometimes…..all the time….never?  What does this look like for you as a leader?

Week 6 – I have Changed  – Moses leaves Egypt having been transformed and changed – at the head of one of the greatest human migrations in history.  This only worked because of a man who was willing to be led by God.  What does permanent change look like in our lives?