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Passing Through the Valley of Weeping

Psalm 84:5-6 frames our journey with the Lord. “What joy for those whose strength comes from the LORD, who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs. The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings.” There is a joy that comes from the determination to walk in a lifestyle that pleases God. When we determine to align with the God’s way of doing things, like no lying, keeping a lid on the swearing, being honest in our work, acting with integrity towards others, being kind, keeping your cool, and not watching what you shouldn’t on TV, isn’t it good for your soul to discover such a walk yields dividends. To be aware of an energizing vigor in your soul that wasn’t there before. If this is you, it is God yelling YES! YES! YES! Spiritual disciplines will take us only so far. We all know points of failure in our lives because we are human. But isn’t great when to know God coming through when the tank is empty, when there is no more to give? It’s God endorsing your decision to set your sites on a pursuit of Jesus, the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. There is the joy and then there are the roadblocks. V6 begins with “when” not “if.” Rather than avoidance, the Lord’s way is to take us through difficulty. Here difficulty so severe the Psalmist writes of weeping, deep emotional gut-wrenching pain. It is in these places that we necessarily question the Lord’s goodness. What I find reassuring in these trials is that God on our behalf, is not passive. Rather he works within our souls to turn our weeping into refreshing springs. We become not bitter people but better people. Refreshing spring speaks of an abundance not only within our own souls but also to those around us. Your darkness will become a source of life for others. If you are walking with the Lord and you are feeling overcome with difficulty, don’t despair, God will bring you through, to become greater within you. The reference closes with the onset of the autumn rains. The autumn rains in Job’s life were twice the springs rains at the beginning of his life. With God there is always hope.

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