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Human Need Trumps Religious Obligation

Jesus was with the disciples when they had picked grain as they moved through a field, and the religious elite condemned the disciples because Jesus had allowed them to do it on the Sabbath.  Jesus then cited David and his men being given the sacred bread reserved for inner sanctum of the Tabernacle because they were hungry (Mt 12:3).   To the religious elite Jesus is violating religious obligation; the Jewish sabbath laws.   Jesus’ response indicates human need trumps religious obligation.  He finishes the section by saying, ‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices’  (Mt 12:7).  God is more interested in the human predicament than he is in himself.  The implication for us is, how we treat other people matters more to God than our hours of sacrificial prayer.  I have been guilty of treating my fellow human beings lightly, but I have discovered to God people matter, really matter.  We need to build the people component into our life equations. 

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